Kickstart your fat loss, boost your energy & learn how to eat to nourish your body over 24 days.

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Phase 1

3 Day Detox

Gently detoxify your body with whole foods and quality, natural supplementation.

Join hundreds of others who have already changed their lives for the better.

Zoe Tattersall of ZOMT shares her delicious and nutritious recipes to keep your taste buds happy and a whole heap of other healthy tips and tricks to get you nourished and feeling amaze-balls.

Phase 2

7 Day Cleanse

Ease back into regular eating and support your body through the 2nd phase of detoxification.

Phase 3

14 Day Nourish

Fire up your metabolism, fuel your fat burning and nourish your body with yummy food!

This is a lifestyle change that you've been waiting for!

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DCN Member
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24 Days of

Meal Plans

Easy to follow, delicious meal plans plus a nourishing shopping list - you don't have to think about a thing!

FREE Online

Support Group

Connect with others doing the program & ask questions along the way. Accountability and motivation guaranteed!

19 Clean

Eating Recipes

Some of Zoe from ZOMT's most popular, delicious and nutritious recipes that fit within the meal plans. All gluten free.

“After! Wahoo flatter belly and loving how I feel, just about to have a berry protein smoothie with all good chia seeds, LSA almond meal ... everything is really yum!”

"Even though I have bumped up my calorie intake because I was losing to much weight I have still managed to get leaner. Ah Yaaaaa! Real food for real results."

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What is the program?

The program is designed to detoxify your body first; then gently ease you back into a regular eating plan. We set up up your macro and micro nutrition right to get your body firing efficiently on a cellular level. The 3 simple meal plans support your body through all 3 phases of detoxification. 
The meal plans also include the whole food Complete Shakes which make it affordable and easy.
The eBook comes with everything you need to know about how to detoxify your body safely, gently and effectively. The full meal plans span the 24 days, and delicious recipes with beautiful photographs will have you salivating! Plus the natural supplementation protocol, how to incorporate the whole food Complete Shakes to make it affordable and easy (and yummy smoothie recipes!) plus a bonus shopping list with everything you need.
Please note this is NOT currently suitable for vegetarians / vegans. We are working on it though!

What do you get?

What are people saying?

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Fat Loss Specialist Chris Dufey created the meal plans with Zoe's recipes. Designed to get the metabolism firing again, fuel fat loss and teach you how to eat real whole food - you won't go hungry or get 'meal boredom'!

Meal Plans from a Fat Loss Expert + Recipes from a Clean Eating Foodie



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Essential Detox

$4.75 per day*

Complete Shakes and Whole food Fruit & Vegetable Blend Capsules.

Support your baseline micro nutrition to make your detoxification easier and allow your body to bust through plateaus and accelerate your fat loss. 

Premium Detox

$6.10 per day*

Complete Shakes, Whole food Fruit & Vegetable Capsules plus the Berry Blend Capsules.

Add on the perfect booster of antioxidants for cardiovascular health, skin health, and training recovery.

Family Detox

$9.50 per day*

2 ADULTS both on Complete Shakes and Whole food Fruit & Vegetable Blend Capsules.

Mum + Dad do the program together. PLUS 2 kids (between 4-18yrs) get the wholefood capsules or natural gummies for FREE.

The full program is completely FREE when you become a customer.
That includes a full 24 day meal plan, recipes and online support in our private Facebook group. The Complete shakes are made from whole food and packed full of micro nutrition in a balanced macro nutrient blend of protein and carbohydrates.
The whole food Fruit Blend and Vegetable Blend capsules are essential for your baseline nutrition.  Take it up a notch and add on the Berry Blend capsules to really support your body throughout the detoxification and ongoing (great for post workout recovery!)

How does it work?

The Complete Shakes & Whole food Capsules are shipped in a convenient 4 month supply so you're prepared to continue on with your new healthy nutrition after the intial 24 days!

*Prices are based upon cost per day over a 12 month period.

Kids get it free!

What will I be eating?

After the initial 3 Day Detox phase, the program includes full meal plans. Each day has 3 whole food meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks. This makes it easy to follow plus the Complete Shakes are super convenient so perfect for busy lifestyles.

Different meals and recipes everyday for lots of delicious variety.

You'll have a whole new collection of healthy meals and recipes to use after.

The Complete Shakes are used plain and in tasty, nourishing smoothies as well as in raw treats! 


This is an example of what you will eat on 1 day during the Nourish Phase.

Lunch: Ginger & Thyme BBQ Organic Chicken (recipe) with steamed asparagus and broccoli.

Breakfast: 2 organic egg omelette with 1 cup of spinach.

Dinner: Activated pecan crusted grilled salmon with zucchini and cauliflower.

Snacks: 1 sachet French Vanilla Complete protein shake with water, handful of activated pecans & Raw Chocolate for One (recipe).

Next group starts in

Each day has 3 whole food meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks. This makes it easy to follow plus the Complete Shakes are super convenient so perfect for busy lifestyles.

This is an example of what you will eat on 1 day during the Nourish Phase.

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