• The Rules that you'll follow for 7 days
  • Daily Habits so you know exactly what to do 
  • Delicious, clean recipes for all your main meals 
  • Nourishing Smoothie recipes for smart snacking
  • Speciality Recipes to maximise your results 
  • Mindful Eating practices for a happy food relationship
  • Meal Prep Tips to save you time 
  • Healthy Shopping List for ongoing use 
  • Whole-food fruit & veg capsules to support your cellular health over the long-term 
  • Vegan Plant Protein to boost your Smoothies

What you get with the DCN Blitz:

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Starting from the price of your daily latte, you'll see just how AH-mazing you can feel after just a week of blitzing your body with real foods!

The delicious, super simple 7 Day kick-start guide you need to get you on the path to looking and feeling amazing again.

Watch the 60 sec video to find out more.


DCN Blitz

You can do anything for just 7 days!

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